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Our Story

Laughing together, on stage and off.

We trace our roots back to humble beginnings in the vibrant heart of New York City. It all started when Founder & President Dan Dumsha, residing in the downtown east side with his husband Jon, found himself immersed in the city's creative energy.


Fueled by his passion for improvisational theater, Dan launched the acclaimed Dirty Little Secrets Improv Show. One night, one of Jon's colleagues attended the show and recognized the potential of applying improv techniques to support Parkinson's patients. This sparked a collaboration, marking the inception of our journey. Through workshops at Mount Sinai Hospital, we witnessed firsthand the transformative power of improv beyond the stage, igniting a mission to extend its benefits to diverse communities.

Upon returning to Vancouver, British Columbia, our commitment to using improv to inspire wellness deepened. Collaborating first with Vancouver TheatreSports and the Improv Comedy Institute, and later built within Tightrope Impro Theatre, we expanded our programs beyond Parkinson's, embracing initiatives like The UnBlockables for people who stutter, Weekly Dose of Laugher for Alzheimer's folks and caregivers, and Improv for Brain Health at the University of British Columbia.


Our Improv for Work programs draw on Dan's extensive 15 year corporate leadership experience as a trusted Executive Coach, Senior Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, and Head of Talent Development. Dan built and led the integration of custom improv training for the workplace with Tightrope Theatre from 2020-2023. This venture unearthed a profound realization: the invaluable role of improv to boost confidence in effective communication, innovation, and team cohesion in professional settings.


Driven by this insight and fueled by collaborations spanning Vancouver and New York City, Improv For Work & Wellness emerged as an independent entity in January 2024 with Improv for Wellness being established as a not-for-profit society. All programs and coaching delivered through Improv for Work help support the administration and delivery of our Improv for Wellness programs. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is clear: to harness the transformative power of improv to inspire healthier, happier, and more connected workplaces and communities.

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TedX Talk

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Check out our president and founder Dan Dumsha's TedX Talk about unlocking wellness through improv. 



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Aamir Khan


Ambika Vaas


Our team - duotone.png

Avi Solis 
Client  Manager

brent hirose profile photo

Brent Hirose


dan dumsha profile photo

Dan Dumsha

President & Founder


Briana Rayner

Coach & Facilitator


Delaney Gilmour


dr. jonathan squires profile photo

Dr. Jonathan Squires

Wellness Medical Advisor

Our team - duotone.png

Diana Pavlovská

Coach & Facilitator


Kristen Seer 


margot escott profile photo

Margot Escott


megan dunlop profile photo

Megan Dunlop


monice peter profile photo

Monice Peter


Melissa Ferraro


peter jarvis profile photo

Peter Jarvis

Wellness Society Board


Rick Horner


Quinn Contini


rosemary morrisson profile photo

Rosemary Morrison

Manager, Improv for Wellness

sarah dawn pledge profile photo

Sarah Dawn Pledge


stephen sheffer profile photo

Stephen Sheffer
Creative Director

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Victoria Souter 
Director, Improv for Work

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