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Improv for Wellness

We use improv as a way to foster healing and personal development!

In improv, we constantly find ourselves in new environments, with new people and with unexpected problems to solve. The same skills we use on stage to catch curve balls and turn them into hilarious or heartwarming scenes are applicable to life, too. Improv requires us to practice being adaptable, to say "yes" to others' ideas, and - probably most importantly - to share control. Our Improv for Wellness programs gather communities to share creative space and laugh a lot!

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Our programs improve participants' daily lives, inspire connection and growth. 

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Improv for Wellness

Canada Society

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We are a registered not for profit in British Columbia, Canada! We exist to bring improv magic to those who need it the most.

All donation funds are used to pay for instructors and coordination of our Improv For Wellness programs and keep them low/no cost to participants. 

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Improv for Wellness 

In Development

alzheimer's and dementia family fun hour improv program

The Alzheimer's & Dementia
Improv Hour

improv for creative writing

Improv for


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Improv for Your Soul

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