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based in Vancouver, BC, Canada

grew up in Langley, BC, Canada

Delaney Gilmour

Client Relationship Manager + Facilitator


Improv has taught me to take risks and embrace failure -- it's the fastest way to learn.

Delaney is an accomplished improviser, voice-over artist, actor, director and producer based in Vancouver B.C.


Delaney has traveled across Canada performing improv and regularly takes the stage as a member of The Spontaneous Shakespeare Company, The Improv Centre’s House Teams and Very Very Improv. She is also the co-artistic director of Regency Impro, currently producing the company's first show Wit and Whimsy: an Improvised Regency Romance.


In addition to her improv endeavours, Delaney has embraced diverse roles in independent films, video games, and theatre productions. She is well-versed in swordplay, an active practitioner and instructor of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) specializing in Italian rapier and longsword techniques. Delaney holds an Intermediate Actor/Combatant certification with Fight Directors Canada, and teaches and choreographs stage combat for local highschools and theaters.

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