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Improv has taught me that

planning isn't always the best way to operate.

Ambika is an actor, writer and comedian.


She began her career in international tax advisory at KPMG and Deloitte in Chicago, New York and Cyprus. Ambika then worked in Private Equity in London. She was responsible for hiring the management teams where she worked closely with them and sat on the board of directors to transform the businesses. She also spent time on the investor relations and fundraising team where she managed communications with new and existing investors.


Ambika trained and performed as an actor and comedian throughout her career in Finance. In 2018, she transitioned into a full-time career as an actor, comedian and communications coach. She has coached business executives one-on-one and has participated in larger corporate trainings as a guest coach at Stand & Deliver.


Ambika studied Accounting at the University of Iowa and has an MBA from INSEAD Business School. She is a graduate the improv programs at UCB in Los Angeles and The PIT in New York. Over the past few years, Ambika has performed comedy and acted in several TV shows including Alaska Daily and A Million Little Things and worked in the writers room for shows such as Family Law and Children Ruin Everything.


Ambika is an avid traveller and passionate about understanding different cultures. She is originally from India, has lived in eight countries and visited 75.

based in Vancouver, Canada

born in Newfoundland, grew up in India & the USA

Ambika Vas



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