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based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

grew up in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Kristen Seer



When improv came into my life, I was transitioning from a career as a management consultant to being an actor. Improv gave me the opportunity to play and, especially, to explore different aspects of my character. I embarked on a voyage to discover what skills from my business background would serve me well in acting and which required honing. The whole process has been very joyous in a way that I never anticipated.

Kristen, with her unique fusion of business acumen and improvisational skills, offers a fresh perspective on applying improv techniques in the workplace. With over thirty years in management consulting, specializing in business analysis, facilitation, training, and mentorship, Kristen boasts a deep understanding of diverse industries, counting IT giants like Microsoft and IBM, insurance leaders like State Farm and USAA, governmental bodies like the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and New Zealand Inland Revenue, pharmaceutical firms like Bristol-Meyers Squibb, and retail giants like JC Penney among her esteemed clientele. A seasoned speaker at conferences across North America and an instructor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, Kristen is passionate about sharing her knowledge. Now embarking on a new journey as an actor and improviser, Kristen dives headfirst into roles like Gertrude in "Hamlet." From her early days at Tightrope Impro Theatre in 2021 to her current status as a Maestro ensemble member, her trajectory embodies growth and adaptability. Kristen's transition isn't merely about personal development—it's about equipping business professionals with the transformative potential of improv.

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