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based in New York City, NY, USA

grew up in Sleepy Hollow, NY, USA

Melissa Ferraro



Improv has taught me that being present in the moment is a key ingredient to mental clarity and happiness. That happiness lies in the freedom of being present, allowing oneself to let go of what just happened or will happen. Improv has taught me how to truly not dwell, just gel

Mel is a performer, writer and teacher in New York City.


Mel has been combining her love for drama and her love for teaching for the last 15 years. A graduate of the University of Rochester (B.A. in English/Theatre) and Circle in the Square Theatre School, Mel started a theater summer camp in 2010 at the encouragement of her students' parents who were dissatisfied with the other options available. Her camp turned Central Park into their own personal backyard, with many adventures including filming original works and two screenings at the NYPL as part of the Newbury 90 second film festival.


Since then, Mel has been the Drama teacher at NYC's The Parkside School since 2012, where she works with students who have language delay. As part of the unique drama program she has created, she writes and directs performances that incorporate the students' interests with adjustments for their needs. She has a certificate in didactic training and live coaching components in Teacher-Child Interaction Training with Kurtz Psychology Consulting PC, a certificate in training with the Moth Teachers Institute.

Mel is a founding member of the Dirty Little Secrets Improv Show, which has been running in NYC's East Village since 2015, can be seen in the feature film Benjamin and on comedy stages all over the city where she performs stand-up. 

Mel believes in the transformative power of improv -- acceptance, saying yes & welcoming mistakes -- and is passionate about bringing these skills to workplaces and indidivuals. 

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