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Diana Pavlovská

Coach & Facilitator


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based in Vancouver, BC, Canada

grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

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The skills I’ve learned practicing improv have given me the concepts of listening and building on another's ideas. And that no matter if something is prepared or completely off the cuff, improv has a structure that allows both circumstances to be creative, in the moment, and thrive to reach an audience

Diana Pavlovská is an award-winning Film and Television actor, coach and leadership communications consultant with over 20 years of experience.


She brings her clients a unique blend of artistic and corporate experience, and has garnered a reputation for delivering outstanding results for C-level executives and managers in Fortune 500 organizations globally.


As a trusted advisor to business leaders, she specializes in partnering with them to create clarity in their leadership and communication approach, build brand awareness and strengthen culture to achieve exceptional results.


Based in Vancouver, Canada, she began her journey in the arts playing the organ, singing and dancing before formally entering a BFA program majoring in Theatre. While there, she joined an improv company to understand the importance of connecting and listening, and then began to expand her work into film and television. Her variety of skills brought her into the world of coaching, both for major studio productions and corporately, where she’s now a highly sought after Leadership and Communications Keynote speaker and Corporate consultant.


Diana works globally, across a diverse range of industries, including finance, energy, engineering, technology, healthcare, government, and retail. As a keynote speaker, she’s also been engaged globally, having spoken at prestigious events such as the NYSE. She’s very proud of the impact she been able to create in the DEI space helping design courses for, and working with underrepresented groups to amplify their voice. She has also served as a faculty member at the UBC Sauder School of Business for 12 years.


Some of what her clients have shared about her:


CEO Hospitality - 'Diana is an excellent communicator, and established purpose for our sessions. She ensured that my executive team and I, provided a succinct message to the Board, and our powerpoints aligned to our message.'


COO (Chief Operating Officer) Energy - 'Diana thank you for providing such a fantastic coaching. Your energy and enthusiasm is amazing, and the way you gave feedback to inspire and encourage me to improve was brilliant, thank you. I have a lot of new tools and ideas to work with, and I’ve already used it this morning to structure a difficult conversation I needed to have. Your tools gave me new confidence in how I approached that conversation, and as a result the conversation went much better than I hoped.'


CRO (Chief Risk Officer) Bank - 'Diana and I worked on my executive presence. She gave me practical tools, and constructive balanced feedback that I could employ straightaway in my meetings. Our sessions created awareness of my personal brand, and developing my teams' relationship with the business.'

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