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based in Vancouver, BC, Canada

grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Peter Jarvis

Wellness Society Board

Parkinson's Improv Troupe Member


When improv came into my life it gave me a wide ranging set of tools and perspectives through which to embrace a fundamental truth that each of us faces: The only real choice any of us has in living our lives, is how we respond to the opportunities and challenges we experience.

Peter first embraced improv in 2019 to help him deal with the cognitive impacts of Parkinson’s Disease. He is an advocate for using improv as a form of cognitive exercise to help mitigate the impacts of, and slow down the progression of, the disease. It’s working so far and Peter can be found supporting Improv programs focused on cognitive wellness and serving the PD community through teaching, co-creating the mission and programs of the Improv For Wellness Canada Society, and through public speaking and advocacy. Prior life experience includes an Economics degree from the Royal Military College, a law degree from University of Victoria and 30 years in the traces as a commercial lawyer. All quite conventional aside from a habit of tending towards the sardonic and wordplay. Peter lives in Vancouver and enjoys a broad range of outdoors activities. 

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