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based in Vancouver, Canada

grew up in Bedfordshire, England & Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Victoria Souter

Director, Improv for Work & Facilitator


Improv has taught me how to listen better, inspire my audience, embrace risks, and ride the wave of the unknown.

Victoria's journey began in the vibrant world of Musical Theatre in the U.K., where she thrived amidst the dynamic energy of the stage and fearlessly pursued West End auditions. Alongside her theatrical pursuits, she effortlessly navigated various customer care roles, recognizing each interaction as an opportunity to authentically connect and uplift those around her.


Driven by a desire to be closer to her mother, Victoria relocated to Calgary, where she found herself back on the theatre stage and simultaneously rocking out as the frontwoman of her own indie rock cover band, igniting dance floors with her infectious energy.


During the day, Victoria brought her talents to Blackline Safety, leading deployments, retention efforts, and refining safety protocols for esteemed clients like Husky Energy, Suncor, and Enbridge. Seeking a broader canvas for her creativity, Victoria journeyed to Hollywood North, immersing herself in the multifaceted realms of TV and film (playing a bad-ass stormtrooper has been one of her favorite memories to date).


Along the way, Victoria serendipitously stumbled into the world of Improv at Tightrope Theatre, eagerly soaking up knowledge and eventually earning a spot as an ensemble member. She then had the opportunity to play in the renowned improv show Dirty Little Secrets, not only in Vancouver but also in New York (what a lucky ducky she is).


Victoria feels incredibly grateful to be surrounded by such a wonderful team and supported by friends and family. She dedicates herself to bringing care, passion, and empowerment to others, fostering genuine connections, and honing leadership skills through the transformative power of Improvisation. With her unique blend of dedication, innovation, and unfiltered fun, Victoria embodies the true essence of living life to the fullest and embracing the unknown.

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