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Margot Escott facilitator photo

based in Naples, Florida

grew up in North Caldwell, NJ, USA

Margot Escott



What I love about improv is the laughter that erupts spontaneously. Being able to play like a child again. And all the psychosocial benefits of improv from increased happiness to creativity.

Margot Escott began her improv journey in 2011 at 62 years old and has never stopped. She has directed several online improv shows including the PIPPI Players and the parody "Madame Magnifico-The Best Improv Teacher Ever." She is a Sketch Comedy writer/performer with The Sketch School, LA, Ca. and performs monthly.


Last year, Margot performed improv in LA, Ca. at the Fanatic Salon and The Glendale Room. Some of her clients include: Arts4All Florida, The Naples Players, Global Play Brigade, Mission PD, Queen City Comedy, Tightrope Improv Theatre, Parkinson's Assoc. of SW FL, Collier County Wellness, Fl, NJ, OK & National Assoc. of Social Workers.


Prior to discovering improv, Margot was trained in New Games and for 30 years presented workshops and keynotes on "The Healing Power of Play" around the USA. She regularly plays improv online with improvisers around the world for weekly jams.


Margot loves Shetland Sheepdogs and has her 4th puppy, Dr. Winston O'Boogie, who is the best dog in the world! She plays piano and love the Beatles.

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