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engaged workers learning about positive and inclusive communication

Positive &

The way you communicate has the power to create an inclusive space. 

Having your ideas shot down repeatedly takes its toll. "No, that puts us in a risky position." "That's outside of the regulatory framework." "That's wasteful." Our Positive & Inclusive Communication program flips the script on no-mode type jargon. Exercises use improv to find the propulsive, idea-generating momentum of yes. Let the bad ideas fall out under their own weight and get your team out of judgement. Spark your team's agency, ignite co-creation and get everyone on your team engaged.

"Yes, and..."

Saying "yes, and..." is an improv classic for a reason. This program explores why. Participants practice generating ideas together and building on what they heard. We explore how saying "yes, and..." stacks up against "yes, but..." and fully roadblocking an idea by saying "no." Our Positive & Inclusive Communication program dives into what it feels like to have your ideas heard, and create inclusive spaces that inspire collaboration and trust.

inclusive group conversating at work
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