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Improv programs that help you work and feel better. 

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Welcome to
Improv for 
Work & Wellness

The skills we use on stage to spontaneously create stories are useful for everyone, not just comedians and actors. Our improv programs are designed to help individuals and teams strengthen communication, creativity, and collaboration skills in a fun and supportive environment. Whether you're a seasoned performer or new to improv, our programs are tailored to suit all levels of experience.

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How can we help you work & feel better?

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Redefine the way you and your team communicate. Our Improv for Work programs promote engagement, growth, and fun! We've helped over 3000 employees and 50+ organizations of all sizes develop skills and gain insights through improv.


Discover a sense of increased wellness through improv. Our Improv for Parkinson's program is what sparked our whole company. Improv for Wellness programs bring communities together to spark connection and promote wellness through improv!

Improv is for everyone.

- Dan Dumsha

President & Founder

Improv for Work and Wellness

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